How You Can Help?

We have many fund and awareness raising events throughout the year; these range from coffee mornings to garden parties. We welcome you to come along to one of the events and meet us. You can see for yourself what we do and talk to one of our team. We are all volunteers.  Alternately, you can contact us by e-mail on the below address

Once a volunteer you can become involved as little, or as much as you wish. Some people are able to give lots of time but others due to commitment cannot. It doesn’t matter, all help is invaluable and very much appreciated.

Have you got a talent for organising events?

We need volunteers who have had experience or even with no experience, think they may be able to help with organising events to raise awareness and also fund raising.

Are you fluent in French?

We need volunteers who can speak or write fluent French to act as personal translators or to translate documents.

Do you have good listening skills?

We also train active listeners who work on a one to one basis with an individual who needs support.  All our active listeners must undertake a specifically designed course which is provided free by Cancer Support France Charente Plus and then be vetted before commencing the role of an ‘active listener’.

Just want to help when you can

If you cannot commit to any of the above that’s not a problem, we need people to bake cakes for events, sell books, just to come and take part. Just being a member helps.

If you would like more information please contact us.

If you don’t like to e-mail you can use the helpline number to contact us; 0645 35 32 30

Check out our Facebook page;