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We aim to provide as much information on as any wide ranging and varying topics related to cancer and cancer care as possible. Whilst we aim to give you the most up to date, comprehensive information available sometimes with the rapid development of treatments and care this is not entirely possible. Patients have the right to receive information and you should never hesitate to contact your doctor or medical team to find answers.  The information we provide is with the best intentions of helping anybody who needs it.

Attached to this web site are many information booklets and brochures. They are all in PDF format and can be viewed online or downloaded.

They include:

Pain and Cancer – Prevent and relieve pain throughout the illness

This leaflet is translated by Charente Plus for Cancer Support France and is adapted from the original in French.  Details the facts, gives answers and practical advice about coping with Pain. Helpful for everyone affected by cancer, the cancer patient, families and close friends.

Cancer treatments and Loss of hair

This leaflet is also translated by Charente Plus on behalf of Cancer Support France and adapted from the original in French. Losing hair is a dreaded and painful experience for women who start chemotherapy. Families and friends do not always consider the distress it can cause. It is listed as one of the most important negative effects linked to cancer or its treatment. This booklet has been designed by France’s National Institute of cancer along with professionals and women who have tackled this problem and hopefully can give answers to those who need to overcome this ordeal.

Cancer and the Welfare Services

Translated from the French document  ‘Demarches sociales et cancer’. Gives information on what happens when you are diagnosed with Cancer in France – what administrative steps need to be taken. It helps with welfare entitlements and how to navigate the French System.

Although this booklet is current at the time of printing, the welfare system in France like any other country is constantly changing and all information should be checked with the relevant authorities to ensure that the information is current.

Reduce the Risk

This booklet is published by Cancer Research UK, it explains what symptoms to look out for and when to visit the doctor.

CSF French medical Booklet

French medical terms translated to English

Vocabulary for English speaking patients written by the Chaplaincy of Angouleme

Medical terms translated to English

Death and Dying in France

Written by Angela Clohessy, a practical guide to your options, and legal procedures in France when death occurs.

After the funeral

Procedures and formalities to follow after a death occurs

A practical guide to consultation, treatment and hospital care

Written by Yuan Langley, this booklet is based on personal experiences of a cancer patient and a cardiac patient. It is intended to help newcomers deal with the French health system.

Going to hospital

A very useful document produced by CPAM outlining what you have to do and how much you will pay when admitted to hospital. This is a short description describing what you have to do to make sure you are covered.

Diagnosis and beyond

This is English translation of ‘La Dispositif d’annonce’  translated by Dr. Maria Green. The original document was produced by La Ligue Contre le Cancer.  It explains what should happen once cancer is diagnosed. Cancer Units across the country are gradually implementing the proposals.

If you don’t see anything here that might help you, please contact us, we may be able to access information that is not yet on the website. We also have a small library of related books that might be able to help you.

Helpful General Websites

MacMillan Cancer Relief

Probably one of the most well-known UK sites for persons affected by Cancer.  Provides very useful information and practical advice. Many publications are available.

Cancer Research UK

Very useful website providing very good advice on wide ranging topics.

Cancer Concerns Us

A very helpful website. Provides information on a variety of topics covering cancer and treatments in France.  Has a list of various different associations covering specific cancers such as bowel cancer and leukaemia.

Cancer Back up

Provides up to date information, practical help, advice and support. Publications are available.

The World cancer Research Fund

Available in English and French.  Dedicated through research to the prevention of and control of cancer, by means of healthy food and nutrition, physical activity and body weight.

Orchid Cancer

UK Charity devoted to research and treatment of CANCER IN MEN


French Websites

La Ligue Nationale Contre le cancer

Fantastic site for those who can read French, with up to date information on Cancer and treatments, and support in France.

Institute National du Cancer

Website mostly in French but some English.  Lists different types of cancer, their management and life during and after the illness. Coping with cancer.